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2 Wealth Consulting and Estate Planing
1 Financial Consulting
3 Integrated Taxes Consulting
4 Legal Consulting
5 Partners
6 Compensation Program
7 Transfer Pricing
8 Financial and Tax Audit

Evaluation and review of tax benefits
Revising and updating in accordance with fiscal policies
Preventive tax consulting

Taxes Benefits Interpretation

CEI carries out a financial statement analysis to observe the business and detect gaps and fiscal opportunities

Our consulting focuses on studying and analyzing the necessary elements in order to choose the best taxes decision. Watching at every moment the thorough fulfillment of taxes local or federal obligations to which the company is obliged.

Our consulting focuses on studying and analyzing all indispensable elements in order to make appropriate fiscal decisions, whilst making sure that, at all times, the company is in strict compliance with the local and federal fiscal obligations, such as:
  • Company profit tax or personal income tax.
  • Income tax / wage tax withheld for personnel or third (physical) parties, such as lawyers, notaries and persons who rent out real estate.
  • Asset tax.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) within the company.
  • Value Added Tax witheld for third (physical) parties.


Other data vital to the decision-making process, that are evaluated, reviewed or calculated, are:

  • The current market value of shares and stocks.
  • The Account of Net Fiscal Utility (CUFIN y CUFINRE).
  • The Capital Account of Contribution (CUCA).

Revising and updating in accordance with Fiscal Policies

The dynamic character of the tax norms and laws requires companies to constantly revise and update their procedures in that area.

Preventive Tax Auditing

By conducting preventive auditing and implementing preventive measures, we achieve to:
  • Reduce risks.
  • Anticipate changes
  • Adapt quickly to new obligations
  • Detection possible impacts and lessens the effect.