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2 Wealth Consulting and Estate Planing
1 Financial Consulting
3 Integrated Taxes Consulting
4 Legal Consulting
5 Partners
6 Compensation Program
7 Transfer Pricing
8 Financial and Tax Audit

An audit of financial statements exists to add credibility to the implied assertion by an organization’s management that its financial statements fairly represent the orgranization’s position and performance to the firm´s stakeholders.

As part of the auditing process, we evaluate the firm´s internal control procedures and may suggest necessary changes to ensure that the financial statements are accurate, to improve the procedures´ efficiency and the compliance with the policies established by the firm’s management.

In a tax audit, following a financial audit, we have the advantage of having carried out our work with strict compliance to the inherent dispositions and can supply adequate legal backup.


Additionally, we can also produce:

  • Obligatory reports on specific components of the financial statements.
  • Obligatory reports regarding Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).
  • Obligatory reports regarding INFONAVIT payments.
  • Obligatory reports on Local Taxes.
  • Obligatory reports on Transfers of Ownership of shares.
  • Refund declarations of Value Added Tax, etc.