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2 Wealth Consulting and Estate Planing
1 Financial Consulting
3 Integrated Taxes Consulting
4 Legal Consulting
5 Organizational Development
6 Compensation Program
7 Transfer Pricing
8 Financial and Tax Audit

The integrated Legal Advisory Services offered, are:

Legal Consulting
Tax Policies Advisory Services
Legal Auditing
Regulatory Compliance
Tax Consulting and Legal Defense

Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting consists of giving legal orientation and advice to the client concerning their company operations and personal wealth and protection thereof.



Taxes Policies Consulting

Through thorough understanding of tax governance, deep industry knowledge and specialist skills, we help the client to be competitive and compliant by adapting to the ever-changing tax policies in an efficient and optimal way.

Legal Auditing

An inspection of the accounting records and procedures of a business is done in order to verify the accuracy and completeness of the records and to determine whether the company followed the rules and procedures, the appropriate tax was paid and to detect inappropriate procedures and other illegal activity.

Regulatory Compliance

This service is the follow-up to Legal Auditing, and consists of advisory and implementation in accordance with regulatory changes.

Tax Consulting and Legal Defense

Besides giving corporate and legal advice, we interpose administrative or jurisdictional defense against the respective authorities.