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Chevaya is an internationalisation services company, focused on the Asia-Pacific region. Chevaya takes care of everything, from the moment you plan to go abroad to the moment you are exporting or operating in your market of choice.

Through our academic and business endeavours, we also work with governments to improve the norms and conditions that make internationalisation possible. We turn your company into a world-class business through new ideas, structures and processes.

This means that we carry out your projects, rather than merely advise. Chevaya puts at your service the following basic internationalisation services for Asia-Pacific:

a) Diagnostics to measure a company’s internationalisation potential;

b) Creation and/or optimisation of company structures and processes in accordance with international or target market standards;

c) Creation and implementation of a tailor-made Internationalisation Plan;

d) Creation of a corporate image suited to the target market;

e) Post-internationalisation services.