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CEI is an organization addressed to the client; we understand their necessities and create the best solutions, which allow them to reach their objectives.

The Consultores Estratégicos Integrados “CEI” is an organization of professionals with more than twenty-five years of experience in financial and tax consulting, accounting, auditing services, legal advice and corporate law in Mexico.

At CEI, we recognize an extensive field of business opportunities in our country, which is why our team of professionals is spread over 15 locations throughout Mexico. CEI offers a wide range of business resources and the best way to carry them -- through strategic alliances with other specialists-, which allows for realization of your company’s potential, maximum company profits and consolidation of personal wealth of our clients.




Consultores Estratégicos Integrados (CEI) was founded in 2003 as a result of the vision of two professionals that noticed an opportunity in the Mexican market for integrated consulting services.

Raul Rangel Romero, who is a public account and has a master´s degree in taxes, and Alexander Gutiérrez Robles, who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, established CEI expressing the prestige, integrity and confidence they obtained throughout their professional trajectory, and which are the pillars of our organization today.