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2 Wealth Consulting and Estate Planing
1 Financial Consulting
3 Integrated Taxes Consulting
4 Legal Consulting
5 Partners
6 Compensation Program
7 Transfer Pricing
8 Financial and Tax Audit


We protect not only Legal Business Entities, but we also protect the wealth of Private Persons by assisting in estate planning and individual asset protection.

The objectives of this service are to:

  • Structure all the elements of the client’s personal wealth in order to draw up a plan for wealth protection, projection, investment or transference.
  • Take into account taxes and legal considerations, and to provide advice on all legal wealth protection and asset allocation strategies available to the client, incorporating the unique factors of the client.

We fulfill these objectives with the direct participation of the CEO, Lawyers specialized in Civil Law, Notaries, Brokers, Appraisers, etc.

This program consists on three phases:

1.- Assessment of the client’s assets
2.- Draw up the Wealth Protection Program
3.- Development of the personal wealth portfolio